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    Canoe trip

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    hippie vibes❁

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    Arc de Triomphe – From the Waste of a Civilization | Markus Jeschaunig | Via

    In our culture bread is a symbol for safeguarding the basic existence. The consumer society lives by the idea that resources are available indefinitely. The industrialized world consumes more than it needs and less than it buys. In Austria, a country with about 8 million inhabitants, annually 170,000 tons of enjoyable food end up in the trash, 70,000 tons of it is bread. For the production, transport and disposal of goods and foods, large amounts of resources are required. To waste these raises questions about consumer behavior. Just the amount of wasted food in Europe could feed twice the hungry of the world. A new balance between economy and ecology is necessary.

    The “Arc de Triomphe”, which was realized in the context of “street gallery – Lendwirbel Festival 2012″ in Graz (AT), accounts a global capitalist system that has passed the zenith of infinite growth. The “Arc de Triomphe” enlightens a dark aspect of our behavior  – waste production.

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  7. "If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph."
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    10 Days With Ellie from Caleb & Shawn on Vimeo.

    My girlfriend, from Australia, came to Seattle to spend 10 days with me on her way to her new home in England. We packed everyday full of things to do, places to see and people to meet and I couldn’t be happier with the time we spent together and every single memory we made to look back on. This is just about everything we enjoyed smashed into a 4 minute video. Wish you could meet this girl for yourself. She is wonderful

    All shot on Panasonic GH3 and the 14mm 2.5 pancake except 2 shots with a different lens
    Music by Night Beds